The one thing you need to do to...

Build Your Tribe, Skyrocket Your Business 10x, and Make a Bigger Impact than You Ever Just One Year.


Are you a wandering entrepreneur? If you have a burning desire to create a thriving business, but you’re spinning your wheels, we can help.

If you’ve been in our Tribe500 program and Facebook Group...or took any Internet marketing programs, you have all the building blocks to manifest your dreams.

But if you’re unable to make traction, it’s because you’re missing a big piece of the puzzle.

Let me explain.

Me...Amish you...feel like I was born with the entrepreneurial spirit burning inside me.

I love the thrill of the game, including the ups and downs.

My wife says it best: Amish, anyone who hangs around you needs to be up for the roller coaster ride.

You see, I’m from New Jersey. On the east coast we are known to be “hustlers” (not real hustlers...but people who GET what they want)...

and so...I’ve been “hustling” for some time now.

I love dreaming up new ideas, and putting them into action. And it’s paid off handsomely.

I’m an Inc. 500 serial entrepreneur with a multitude of businesses and 7-figure launches under my belt…

But I didn’t start off knowing what I do today. I spent thousands of hours and millions of dollars testing everything in digital marketing, to see what worked.

And can benefit for my years of trial and error, and my investment in time and hard-earned dollars.

My goal is to imbue you with the hard-won know-how that got me to where I am today .

The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose

I once heard that phrase, and it’s what we want for you.

That’s why my team and I created a mastermind program to mentor you . . . to start an entrepreneurial revolution of heart-centered hustlers like me.

In my years of figuring out how to generate a lot of income, I also discovered my soul’s purpose, and how to build success with that in mind.

That’s why we are starting an incubator program for people who are seriously motivated to succeed.

And we’ll give you everything you need, from opening my private rolodex to you, to connecting you with our high-level joint venture partners, to promoting your business to our list of over 200,000 subscribers.

I can guarantee that if you do the work and stay in the program, it’s virtually impossible not to succeed.

Essentially, we want to create a tribe of people who can come together to generate the income they want, while providing meaningful services that contribute to a better world.

Imagine: If we co-create awesome things, awesomeness boomerangs right back to us.

Are you one of the 24 unique, motivated
individuals destined to work with us?

Let us help you develop an awesome tribe that will be loyal to your brand and products….bringing you the abundance you have always dreamed of.

In our Tribe500 program, you discovered how to analyze, build, assemble, serve and expand your online business.

That was the appetizer.

Now, the main course, the Tribe500 Mastermind Program takes you to the next level.

We’ll guide you each step of the way, including creating accountability to ensure you build a viable revenue model.

When you join our mastermind program, we'll help you:

  • Build your website so it converts
  • Set up an awesome sales funnel and make sure it’s optimized
  • Drive traffic from our list to your funnel
  • Introduce you to our JV's and set up your launch with them
  • Invest in traffic with Google, YouTube, and that you have cashing coming in!
  • Scale and expand your business
  • Celebrate your milestones, and your ultimate success!

You’ll no longer be floundering in the dark, trying to put all the pieces together on your own. You’ll save yourself years of headaches, and tons of lost money.

We’ll help you get focused and clear about what you need to achieve in this lifetime . . . and then we will EXECUTE on that vision . . . TOGETHER!

*NOW* is your time

“Courage doesn’t mean you don’t get afraid. Courage means you don’t let fear stop you.”- Bethany Hamilton

Are you still stumbling over false starts, spinning your wheels, and wasting your start-up dollars?

Are you procrastinating because you’re uncertain how to grow your business?

Feel like you don’t have enough time in the day to make it possible?

The good news is that life-changing wealth and success are still yours for the taking.

2 Priceless marketing lessons


Let’s take a look at digital entrepreneurs who are consistently growing their businesses and increasing their revenue.

Lesson 1: Their businesses are nourished by a diverse stream of TRAFFIC, which they efficiently monetize through magnetic marketing funnels and irresistible offers for their products.

Lesson 2: Their buyers are more than just customers. They are highly loyal TRIBES with a deep passion for these entrepreneur’s brands and products.

Master these two skills (it’s WAY easier than you think), and you become immune to the ups and downs of the digital marketing world - while others continue to struggle.

The secret sauce is in learning the simple way to build…


A perpetually growing community of fans who crave your products, and devour them as fast as you offer them!

Why listen to me? Because I’ve done what you’re trying to do, multiple times. I’m an Inc. 500 serial entrepreneur with a multitude of businesses and 7-figure launches under my belt...I’ve generated over $28 million dollars in sales online.

And I’ve been getting breakthrough results by fusing ALL my digital business models into one platform with a single purpose:

To quickly, affordably and sustainably draw endless streams of traffic into an irresistible funnel that transforms my leads into raving fans...and more importantly...customers.

On the surface, this may sound like any digital marketer’s business model.

My traffic & tribe building machine is radically different

  1. I’ve discovered a foolproof way to generate leads for free, thanks to top secret traffic strategies nobody else is using...
  2. I get paid for being myself and doing what I love...
  3. I don’t split my profits with anyone (this has nothing to do with JVs or solo ads)...
  4. My followers can’t get enough of my marketing, because it doesn’t feel like marketing…
  5. The longer a person stays in my funnel, the more they grow attached to my brand...
  6. I can scale my business and grow my income at my own pace…
  7. I can jump-start any new business or product I wish
  8. My followers help create content and products for me...
  9. I’m making a real IMPACT on thousands upon thousands of lives.

My new Tribal Entrepreneurial model may just be the FUTURE of digital marketing - and I’d love to share it with you…

Tribe 500 Mastermind Program

Over the years I’ve learned how to bootstrap my business, and drive production costs down… while building a tribe that’s raring to buy my products.

Now, my mastermind team and I will show you how to build your brand and your tribe the same way.

Thanks to social media, paid traffic, crowdfunding and the constant evolution of technology, this is a prime time to start an online business.

As digital entrepreneurs...we see trends. We see them before they come. I constantly see these...and even more so with my 14 years of being in this business.

That’s why we already have done the research to identify unique and lucrative niches you can tap into we will help you discover your happy, healthy niche if you haven’t already established one. 🙂

Already in the digital world? Already own a business? Let us help you SCALE that business to new heights exactly the way we are!

If you’re ready to rule in the realm of digital entrepreneurship, now’s the time to do it!

Tribe 500 Mastermind Program

12 months of personalized coaching * 24 students only * A potent combo of monthly masterminds, training videos & a live event, culminating into a business partnership with Amish Shah, Deep Origins & the Future Tribes team.

You already had the extensive training we offered in our Facebook Group of Tribe500 course.

  • You learned how to analyze your market, your competition and your customers….
  • You discovered how to build effective products and revenue funnels…
  • You assembled your site and your email program…
  • You’ve created winning products and driven traffic to your offers…
  • Gain the opportunity to help dozens, hundreds, then thousands of people in your circle, in your community, and even in the Project:Yourself community…
  • Build your own personal brand, legend, movement or tribe...
  • And you’ve expanded through savvy analyzing and strategizing...

Or have you?

It’s great to have information at your fingertips. Solid knowledge is the base you need to get started.

But entrepreneurs everywhere who succeed have something far beyond knowledge.

They have guidance and accountability.

  • 500 is the number I associated with creating a robust group of successful digital entrepreneurs. Would you like to be part of this elite group of 500 digital entrepreneurs...who all want to make money?

What would it mean to you:

  • To have someone with experience to consult, when you’re procrastinating because you’re not sure which route is better?
  • To have a caring mentor holding you accountable for what you said you would do?
  • To have a team of people guiding you through the rough spots, and rooting for you as you reach the next milestone?
  • To have a cheering committee celebrating with you when you make that big win?

As they say about MasterCard, a Mastermind Program is….Priceless!

Who is the Tribe500 Mastermind Program for?

This mastermind is the real deal. It’s a unique growth opportunity for:

  • Digital Marketers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Artists
  • Social activists
  • Life/business coaches

…In fact, anyone who wants to harness this new kind of traffic, conversion, and business growth strategy…and take it to the next level….even if you’ve never built an online business, brand or list in your life! Whether you’re a novice entrepreneur, making traction but still frequently spinning your wheels, or a seasoned vet looking to catapult your growth, it doesn’t matter. Wherever you are now, it’s fine!

The Tribe500 Mastermind Program is not only easy to follow, it is transformational...

And that's why...this program is not for everyone.
It may not be for you if you are:

  • Unwilling to invest effort in your business. (Your success is a direct reflection of your level of commitment, and we want to stack the decks in your favor.)
  • Not passionate about upgrading yourself and playing a bigger role in life as a successful entrepreneur. (The game plan is to optimize your business and yourself to create a bigger impact. It’s not for people who want to stay where they are.)
  • Not interested in a business that benefits others. (We put ethics first. If you’re an opportunist, or are just out to make a quick buck at the expense of others, this program is definitely not for you.)

But…if you share our passion, commitment, and moral compass…this digital marketing program will transform your business…and your life.

Harnessing Einstein’s marketing secrets

By now you’re probably raring to go, but may also feel overwhelmed by the challenges ahead.

Let’s tap into Einstein’s marketing secrets, and see how this prodigy can spark your own business genius.

Einstein wasn’t in business, but he was a brilliant man.

Long before the Internet, Einstein introduced one of the most powerful business building ideas into the world without even realizing it.

Here’s what I mean:

When most people try to build an online business, they go about things the wrong way.

Either they don’t do enough to gain momentum and see some initial success, or they tackle too much at once….and completely burn out.

You may find them totally fizzled out, buried beneath thousands of dollars’ worth of courses, books, and trainings.

Einstein had a different approach.
He embraced the idea of compounding.

It’s just like money. If you invest small amounts regularly, your money will start compounding. You’ll get to the point where your initial investment is growing exponentially to 2x, 5x, 10x and even 100x what you initially invested.

Building your online business is exactly the same.

Each day, you take a few easy, actionable steps. After you string a few days of activity together you start to see progress. As you keep investing a bit of time and energy each day, your business begins to accelerate at an incredible rate.

This is how business breakthroughs occur.

It’s how Eben Pagan was able to create 10 different million-dollar brands. All he did was harness the power of compounding to grow his businesses.

It’s how I grew multiple businesses, became an Inc. 500 serial entrepreneur, and created several 7-figure companies...and even sold 2 of them.

You might want to do this too.

If you want to develop the ability to start a business from scratch, take your existing business to new heights, and quickly scale it to six, seven, or even eight figures, leave your job…travel the world….

You owe it to yourself to check out our
Tribe500 Mastermind Program

A revolution is sweeping the planet.

It’s transforming the world of business, philanthropy, and social movements.

These institutions, which used to be in the domain of the ruling elite, are now being reclaimed by people everywhere.

Independent entrepreneurs like you and me are taking over the world.

The inevitable blowback to the industrial revolution is on the horizon. And it’s all happening through people banding together based on common interests and goals . . . and sharing threads and ideas as a tribe.

As an entrepreneur, this is a prime opportunity for you to grow your business exponentially, dramatically amplify your revenue, and make a bigger impact than you could ever imagine in your industry, and for the planet.

The Tribe500 Mastermind Program empowers you to tap into this vast ecosystem of traffic, platforms and revenue opportunities.

We’ll teach you the little-known secrets to mastering all the hidden steps.

Lots of people do this WRONG, and achieve only a modicum of success. But with our expert guidance, you’ll be able to optimize:

  • YouTube
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Fan Pages
  • Facebook Ads
  • eCommerce
  • Online sales funnels
  • Video sales letters
  • Offer Creation

And more.

You can then skyrocket those results by infusing your business with simple yet potent marketing strategies, leadership principles, and psychological triggers that tap into our natural human affinity for gathering in tribes.

Now, I don’t mean to alarm you.

But if you don’t start building a tribe around your business, brand, or service, you may soon see your customers stampeding towards someone who did.

The good news is that anyone can build their own tribe.

In fact, once you understand how, you’ll be surprised at how simple it is—even if you don’t consider yourself much of a leader, or if you’re tight on time or budget to build your business.

Gain the unfair advantage

You’d be surprised how so many of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs, leaders, and visionaries are really tapping into the same set of principles to gain influence, profit, and popularity from millions of people.

Building a tribe will give you an almost unfair advantage no matter what niche you operate in.

It will even work if you’re in philanthropy, or if you manage someone else’s brand.

How do I know this?

Because in my 14 years as an entrepreneur, the key to every successful business I’ve owned has been the tribe I built around it.

It’s the way I generated over $25 million across my businesses, and made the Inc. 500 list twice.

And it’s the reason I now have the freedom to enjoy the lifestyle I want to live, surrounded by people, ideas, and experiences I love.

What we learned from Tim, Elon and Oprah

Just look at how Tim Ferris can stir his followers into a frenzy with just one blog post.

Have you noticed how many people are rallying behind Elon Musk? It’s because he doesn’t just create products, he sells dreams and values.

Oprah Winfrey created huge visions for her followers.

And on the web, entrepreneurs like Marie Forleo, Kevin Nations, Vishen Lakhiani and Drew Canole are constantly creating awesome content for their tribes of passionate fans.

Lady Gaga recently stated, “My new album . . . was written with this instinctual energy I developed in getting to know my fans. They protect me, so now it's my destiny to protect them.”

Now more than ever, tribal entrepreneurship
is an incredible lever to your success.

Think about this: what would happen to your business, your finances, and your life, if you could have a tribe of people who:

  • Genuinely love you, your brand, your products, and your services
  • Are hungry for everything you offer them, even before you market it
  • Don’t even think about your competition, because they’re so smitten with you
  • Grow your business every day for you

To make this happen, we’ll show you how to leverage mobile traffic (the source of the future), grow your own tribe of loyal followers, and then serve that tribe through a cross-platform network of content, value, and connections.

The result?

You’re not just building a tribe.

You’re not just marketing content on the platform of the future.

You’re building a FUTURE TRIBE.

Now I know this might look complicated at first, but you’ll be surprised at how simple and straightforward it is to apply this strategy to your business.

There are no complex tech skills to learn. The overheads are mostly your time, not your money.

And remember, you’ll be saving a ton of money on traffic. You don’t even need to bust out a bunch of new content. You can license existing content or do JV deals with people who have content.

What’s important is your consistency and commitment to the process.

You have to be committed to building this machine, which will automate much of your business to keep on churning out leads and revenue for you in the years to come.

You’ll be even more surprised when you see the results and the incredible impact it can have on your revenue, and the huge impact you make on people’s lives.

We’re talking about giant, lasting results that TRANSFORM your business and your life.

These are not the tired old marketing tactics that yield temporary revenue, or the half-baked schemes that leave you hunting for the next “get-rich quick” fix.

Forget all that!

We give you everything you need. You’ll get full access to:

  • Our mailing lists of 200,000+ subscribers
  • Our content network with reach to over 4,000,000 individuals per week
  • Our business affiliates and content creators, with millions of subscribers in niches including internet marketing, personal growth, and more . . .
  • Our private rolodex of our best programmers, copywriters, designers, authors, and other contractors for hire.

In other words, we want you to step up . . . and tap into the lifeblood of our organization.

And if you know anything about content marketing, you’ll know that this kind of push (done right) is enough to get your content out there and grow your business 10x practically overnight.

Getting leads and traffic is always the biggest challenge in this field, so imagine how much you’ll gain by partnering with us in this way.

You simply can’t achieve this on your own.

That’s why the ultimate partnership with us and our JV network is crucial to making this work.

By now you can surely see how the Tribe500 Mastermind Program will elevate your digital business faster than anything you’ve tried up to this point.

Are you ready to step into your future, and make a difference while making your dreams come true?

If so, we are here to support you every step of the way!


Our knowledge, structure, accountability system and careful guidance will bring your ingenious ideas to fruition.

We’ve painstakingly compiled an intuitive curriculum with everything you need to build your business.

It’s all presented through intimate mastermind calls, private calls, software, high-quality videos, PDFs, templates, and a live Mastermind event.

Remember, in this one-of-a-kind program you’ll get:

Step-by-Step guides

Step-by-Step guides to implementing the digital entrepreneur model, creating marketing funnels that convert and turn leads into loyal fans and repeat buyers.


Templates for optimizing and distributing your content, with guidance on how to use them to attract more leads into your marketing funnels.

Technical tutorials

Technical tutorials for improving your copy and design, and ensuring they stay compliant with the new platforms you’ll be expanding to.

Next-level guidance

Next-level guidance for building a sustainable brand, expanding your JV and Affiliate network, and setting up systems and frameworks that support your business..

Complete Multimedia training program

With over 70 hours of high quality video training sessions, the program gives you all the strategies, tutorials and templates you need to apply the game plan in your business.

12 monthly Masterminds with Amish

The mastermind program will train you in an intimate setting, right up to the moment we become business partners and start promoting your content to our personal network.

We’ll address your challenges so you keep moving forward. On our high-level group calls and private calls, we’ll dive DEEP into your business issues and even your personal challenges. Together, we’ll create customized action plans to ensure that every Masterminder excels.

Two Personal Coaching calls with Amish

Group coaching is great, but sometimes you need one-on-one personal coaching where we focus completely on your unique issues. So whether you’re dealing with a personal challenge or a stumbling block in your business, our call will drill down to your unique goals and objectives.

These sessions will be RAW and TRANSFORMATIONAL. They can be about business, revenue, work-life balance, or whatever you most need to talk about.

I normally charge $1,000 for just an hour’s consultation. But as a Masterminder, you’ll have access to multiple hours with me and my team so we can figure out how to best help you get the results you so richly deserve.

The Tribe500 Mastermind tech framework

One of the most valuable assets of the Tribal Entrepreneur Program is the suite of tech solutions we provide.

We’ll give you tools to create a streamlined, reliable and elegant back-end to your business, which will free up your time so you can focus on the work that matters.

And since we’re coaching you to build funnels and tribes that integrate with mobile traffic, we’ll also let you in on a selection of the best tools, apps and platforms to quickly build stunning websites.

We’ll insert engaging social features and plugins for your sites to manage your tribes.

This framework gives you access to them all, saving you months of costly trial and error. Plus each one is easy to use: no steep learning curve or programming skills necessary.

I can’t stress enough how valuable this holistic tech framework is. Even ONE of these tools, and the instructions for using them, can save you thousands of dollars and countless months of learning and development time.

It’s the next best thing to having your own CTO (chief technical officer) performing all the tech magic for you.

The Tribe500 Mastermind fall retreat

Join us at this live event, an exclusive retreat for the Tribe500 Mastermind community.

Look forward to an all-expense-paid trip (airfare and hotel not included) to San Diego, complete with in-depth training and all the memorable experiences you’d expect from a world-class premium event. More details coming soon.

We can only accommodate 24 people, so don’t miss out. Grab this golden opportunity—sign up now!

Conditional acceptance into our Tribe500 Mastermind JV Network

Our Future Tribes JV Network of over 2,500 affiliates lets you tap into the business assets of other top performing tribe members, including their collective content and millions of leads.

Remember that video where I showed you how I did a $5 Million dollar launch?

That’s exactly the network we will help you create. 🙂

The result is free and targeted traffic, and high-converting content and sales funnels...that will drive revenue and instantly boost your growth, income and impact.

To be accepted into the network, your products and funnels must meet our quality control standards. We’ll guide you every step of the way to make sure they do.

Every Tribe500 Masterminder in this network goes through the same qualifying process, which means a guarantee of only the best leads, content and opportunities for your business.

Nothing like this is being offered ANYWHERE right now.

No other program or system offers you this level of free traffic, downloads and revenue from a suite of trusted partners eager to help you grow.

A conditional invitation to join us as a Tribal Entrepreneur PARTNER

This is by far the most valuable aspect of joining the Tribe500 Mastermind.

By the time you’ve completed the entire training curriculum and 12-month mastermind program, and applied these frameworks and strategies to your business… we’ll invite you to become our partner.

This means we’ll share EVERYTHING with you.

  • We’ll promote your content and funnels to our entire list of 200,000 subscribers.
  • We’ll encourage our affiliate network, with millions of subscribers, to promote your products.
  • We’ll even give you our private rolodex of our trusted top designers, programmers and copywriters to help you produce world-class content.

I can’t stress enough how lucrative this will be for you.

Imagine the impact on your business when you get this much traffic and exposure in one fell swoop.

Your subscriber list will blossom overnight.

You’ll get an instant and sustained revenue spike. And our customers will become your customers, which mean your business revenue will multiply instantly.

Our only condition is that since we’ll be aligning our brand with yours, your content needs to meet our quality and ethical standards.

And it will, as long as you put in the work and stay committed throughout the entire 12 months.

By now you’re probably wondering about the investment fee.

Here are the options:

1) Single payment of $10,000

2) Two payments of $5,500 30 days apart ($11,000 total)

3) $2,000 deposit. This is to reserve your spot. Once we receive your refundable deposit, we'll schedule a call with you to make sure this program is right for the both of us.

Let me ask you a question.

Do you have a business or a hobby?

Let’s face it. Most people treat their businesses like a hobby . . . and are satisfied with much less than their full potential.

But if you’ve read this far, you’re not like “most people.”

I know you are hungry for the opportunity to achieve more have more

...and to contribute more to the world.

And I want to offer you a path that will open up an entirely new way of doing business in the world.

From experience, I can tell you with 100% confidence—this mastermind program will be worth it.

If you're ready to skyrocket your business, this mastermind program is the fuel.

This is your community, your hub, your TRIBE!

But if it doesn’t work for you, then you can back out with no obligation.

Immediately. We're absorbing 100% of the risk.

Game-changing Ideas Worth 10x $10,000 To Your Business

In this selective, one of a kind gathering of savvy business brains, you'll gain access to strategy, wisdom, collaboration, contribution, and connections not available anywhere else, that will explode your business.

“The best partnerships aren't dependent on a mere common goal but on a shared path of equality, desire, and no small amount of passion.” -Sarah MacLean

Empowering you, and people around the world

We’re here to empower you, and also to support and educate people around the word with our non-profit organization, SEEF (Shah Education and Exploration Foundation).

SEEF is on a mission to educate people about the earth’s most vital ancient wisdom and healing practices. We aim to empower communities around the world to further explore the knowledge of the past and its relationship with modern science.

Through education and exploration, SEEF exists to assist in the creation and sustainability of healthy, economically independent communities around the world—for the benefit of the people and the planet.

We believe it’s completely possible to transform modern lives through ancient wisdom.

By joining us, you’ll be part of the solution too.

Don't miss out!

Last year’s mastermind program sold out and we had a waiting list of over 60 people. And after this launch, we will close the doors. You’ll have to wait for the next launch, and prices will be higher.

If you have any other questions before signing up, send us an email at

Tasty Bonus for Fast-Acting Entrepreneurs

We reward people who take action. That’s why I’m inviting the first 3 people who sign up today at the full price, to a private dinner with me at our exclusive retreat in the fall.

We’ll feast on amazing food in a luxurious setting, while you get to grill me on anything related to your business and digital marketing.

Jump in now to secure your place, and a plate at the table!

Please join us, because *NOW* is your time!
It’s as easy as clicking this link to get started.

Amish Shah 
Tribal Entrepreneur Mastermind Founder & Inc. 500 Entrepreneur

P.S. Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to join me in this exclusive group of future business titans. Because in my 14 years as an entrepreneur, the key to every successful business I’ve owned has been the tribe I built around it.

Now you can too.

Are you ready to step into YOUR future?


Single Payment (Save $1000)

One payment of just

Click here to join

Two Payments

Two payments of
$5,500 (30 days apart)

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$2,000 deposit. This is to reserve your spot. Once we receive your refundable deposit, we'll schedule a call with you to make sure this program is right for the both of us.

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